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Article: Discover your Barbie personality!

Discover your Barbie personality!

Discover your Barbie personality!

Take our fun quiz to see which Barbie, or anti-Barbie girl you are!!!

As Barbie fever ramps up we're celebrating our love of all things Barbie related and indulging in a new wardrobe that Margot Robbie would dream of! There's a look for every Barbie girl!

Scroll down to discover the different types of Barbie girl (according to Fanciful Doll)! Then click on your dress or accessory of choice to access your dreamy item!!

Plus you can get her in time for the Premiere!! Just check out our shipping options at checkout!!

Discover YOUR Barbie style today!


Ever since you saw Margot Robbie in THAT pink dress you've been obsessing over gingham! Gingham dresses, socks, hair bows - you want it all! You love popping on your best frock, grabbing your besties, and hanging out at a kitsch ice cream parlour! Ken is often NOT invited!!!


As Barbie fever takes over the world you've been dreaming and planning about your Premiere outfit! You know that you want the whole place to look at YOU as you enter, and therefore you need a fanciful dress that will ensure you're centre of attention. 'Blend-in' is not part of your vocabulary!!!


Barbie stuff is cute, but you find it a little... garish!! Whilst cute and girly, you secretly prefer nature and like to romanticise your life by taking long walks with your favourite romance novel as companion! You want to look effortlessly beautiful, never try-hard, and your outfit needs to enhance your personality rather than mask it!


'Barbie pink' is NOT your kind of fit! Although you love pink, the sugary, candyfloss shades aren't really your thing! Enter the Fanciful Doll Rosewater collection! Heavenly peachy tones that are universally flattering, and pair back effortlessly with your soft girl wardrobe. You dream of wearing these pieces to an art exhibit where pre-Raphaelite masterpieces are shown, or to a demure cocktail bar where you giggle to the tune of Rose martinis!


If you were going to rock pink (which you're not), then you would pair it with a biker jacket, serious amounts of black eyeliner, and a rebellious attitude! Having said that, why force yourself to wear pink when you're way more attracted to deeper, more romantic shades? You intend to wear a dark fantasy dress to the Premiere, possibly accessorised with your alternative version of Ken (who also hates pink, btw)!!

We hope you enjoyed our quiz!!! Reply back to this email and let us know which type of Barbie you are! We'd love to know!

Much Love

Fanciful Doll

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