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Meet Fanciful Doll

Fanciful Doll is a whimsical, ultra feminine brand, inspired by fairytales, romance and flamboyance.  We create dreamy princessy concoctions that allow the wearer to feel encapsulated in their own fairytale and transcend the constraints of the modern world.  Imagine a place where fancy and freedom rule, and the heart's lust for romance is always satisfied! That is the fantasy which inspires Fanciful Doll.
​We are based in London, UK and our aim is to encourage feminine expression through our clothing.  Gone are the days where in order to rebel a women had to distance herself for her own femininity.  We are a female run company, and revel in girlishness, fancy and excess.
​The girl in this photo is me, Emily! I am the founder of the brand and the designer.  I'm also the girl you usually speak to on social, as well as the one who posts out most of your dresses! I'm involved in every single aspect of my business, and will always be here for you should you have any questions or concerns!
​Please read more about our core values below...