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Article: Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

Take our fun quiz to discover your Halloween style! And then bag your chosen dress with FREE Express Shipping!

It's our favourite time of the year! Yes, spooky season is well and truly here and we are soooo ready for it!

How to take the quiz!!

Scroll down to discover which Halloween outfit matches your personality, then click on your dress or accessory of choice to access your dreamy item!!

To bag your item in time for the 31st you can get free Express shipping using this code:


Valid 11th-23rd October!

Discover YOUR Halloween style today!


You have 'a bit of a thing' about graveyards, flowy white dresses, and dried flowers. You spend alot of time alone, often staring vacantly out of the window, or plotting revenge on an ex-lover. You are darkly feminine, often pairing overtly girly dresses with black boots and dishevelled hair.


Halloween is the perfect time to dress up! But why step away from your usual aesthetic! Your favourite film of all time is Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, you love bows, ruffles, and dainty macarons. If there's as excuse to dress up then you like to take full advantage, and are often though of as 'that friend' who's always overdressed!


Halloween is your perfect opportunity to unleash your devilish side! You live in red, all shades from scarlet through to burgundy, and you're never without your favourite red lippy! You love girly fashion, but always with a sexy edge, and Halloween is your favourite time of year to get up to some mischief!


Your favourite film is Practical Magic, you're a collector of pumpkin ornaments, and Autumn is by far your favourite season. You wish witches hats were acceptable to wear year-round. Halloween is YOUR time to deck yourself out in bewitching colours that enchant, and you always have a matching outfit for your cat (black cat of course)!


You spent most of the Summer singing 'Part of Your World'. You love the water, tipping your toes in the cool ocean, and are never without your favourite locket (no one knows what's inside). You can't get the knack of using a brush, and your forks are always entwined with your long, curly hair.

We hope you enjoyed our quiz!!!

Have an amazing spooky season and we can't wait to see all your outfits on social!

Much Love

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